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This article is for event organizers. If you are an event participant, please see our Resources for Participants section.

Under Event Setup > Event Information, you will be able to further customize how your event will display under Symposium’s Discover Events page, as well as adjust the Launch date.

In this article, we will walk you through adding your event information once you've created your new event on Symposium and start gearing up for launch.

The Event Name and Event Organized By fields were set up in the event creation process, and cannot be altered once you get to this point. If there are any issues and changes that need to be made, please submit a request to

The event logo and event cover photo, which will populate in your event thumbnail, can be uploaded under the event information tab.

The Event Logo will appear in the header of your Symposium event pages as well as on your event Thumbnail, which will be visible on the Symposium Discover Events page. Event Cover Photo only appears in your Event Thumbnail on our Discover Events page. You can edit and change either of these at any point, either before or after launch. 

Your event link may be copied and distributed to prospective attendees.

Once your Event Link is customized during the event creation process, it cannot be changed. Click  theicon to copy this link, which you can then distribute to prospective attendees and participants.

Event Location can now be specified when setting up your Event Information. If your event is fully virtual, you will not be able to specify the location and the "Physical location" box will be grayed out. If you select the "hybrid" option then you will be asked to provide a location for the in-person component. The event location can be changed at any point of your event creation, either before or after launch.

You can set your launch date as far into the future as you like. Once you launch, however, you cannot unlaunch.

Schedule your event's launch or choose Launch Now if you're ready to go! Do not click Launch Now unless you are ready for your event to go live and for the clock on your event uptime to start!

NOTE: Launching your event is a one-time action. Once launched, an event cannot be un-launched.

Upon launching, the countdown for your event uptime will begin and the event will become available for viewing by attendees. When users navigate to your event before the event has launched, either via the distributed event link or through the Discover Events page, they’ll see a message saying that the event has not yet been launched and that they should check back after the launch date.

Viewers will see a message telling them to return after the launch date if they try to access an event before it is launched.

The next step to getting your event launch-ready is to configure your Access Settings! In the case your event is private, participants will be able to pre-register for your event.