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This article is for event organizers. If you are an event participant, please see our Resources for Participants section.

The last step for your preliminary Event Setup is populating and configuring the Welcome Page. This event splash page becomes available once an event has launched. Before an event has launched, viewers will see a message telling them to visit upon the launch of the event. A separate registration page will come out soon, which will serve as an externally-facing page for organizers to share content prior to the launch of their event.



Under the Media heading of your event Welcome Page editor, you may include an optional image or video. Videos and landscape-oriented images will be placed at the top of the welcome page with the welcome/introductory message below; portrait-oriented images will be placed at the top-right of the page side-by-side with the message. At this time, Symposium only supports YouTube links for video integration.


In the Message text editor box, you can provide viewers and attendees with a welcoming message to orient them to your event, offer instructions and/or an event schedule, acknowledge sponsors or organizers of your event, and even detail housekeeping matters. Once you have done so, you can save your changes and hit View Event Welcome Page to preview how your splash page will appear to viewers once your event has launched. 

Embedding Media

To include more than one medium or change the position of a photo or video relative to your welcome text, you may embed additional content (e.g. photos, videos, programs, and more) on your Welcome Page via the HTML editor, found under the leftmost icon in the Text Editor menu of your welcome Message section. Here, you may add any embed code to display your desired media within your Welcome Message.

You can tweak and edit your Welcome Page at any point while your event is being set up and even after it has launched, although we recommend having your Welcome Page finalized before you launch your event.