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This article is for event organizers. If you are a judge, please see our Resources for Participants section.

You've created and customized your event on Symposium, and now you're ready to set up your judging workflow!

Symposium's comprehensive judging workflow is available to organizers with Single Premium, Plus Subscription, or Enterprise Subscription packages.

On your event management page, under the Judging tab, you’ll find four sub-tabs: Judges, Evaluation Forms, Evaluation Responses, and Share Feedback. 

  • Judges – recruit judges and assign them to various presentations
  • Evaluation Forms – create evaluation forms and assign them to presentations 
  • Evaluation Responses – review the completed evaluations from judges and edit/moderate feedback as needed
  • Share Feedback – share judges’ responses to certain questions from evaluation forms with the presenter through a customizable email notification

We've created a comprehensive Judging guide, broken up into 5 different articles, that details the judging set up process step by step so that you have a clear picture of how you can incorporate judging into your event on Symposium. You can also see what a judge’s interface looks like once your event has been launched and how they access it to evaluate presentations in our How Judges Judge article. 


Please follow these steps in order as you incorporate judging into your event on Symposium, and as always, never hesitate to contact our support team via the chatbox on our website or with any questions.