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This article is for event organizers. If you are a judge, please see our Resources for Participants section.

Once presentations have been submitted to your event and you have recruited judges using your customized Judging Recruitment Form, it is time to assign presentations to judges. 


You can assign presentations to judges or vice versa by easily dragging the Presentation ‘card’ to the relevant judge’s ‘card’ or vice versa. Click a card, drag it, and drop the card in the ‘drop here to assign’ box and the assignment will be made. Using the arrow in the “drop here to assign” section of any card (circled on the image below), you can also expand the card to see all the assignments that have been made, as shown:


We have various options for you to filter presentations and judges to more effectively make matches:


  • Search for Presentation Title or Judge's Name:

  • Filter by various parameters using the “Sort by” options for presentations and judges:

  • Filter by Presentation Subjects or Expertise Areas for presentations and judges, respectively:

If you accidentally made the wrong assignment or need to do some reassigning, you can press the trash icons labeled as 2 in the image below, either on the presentation or judge card to remove the assignment. Deleting the assignment on one card will automatically remove it from the other (i.e. you do not need to remove the assignment on both the presentation and judge cards – just one is enough). Please note that the trash icon labeled 1 is used to delete the Judge altogether from your event and this action cannot be undone. If a judge is deleted, all assignments under that judge will also be removed.

If no presentations are assigned to a particular judge, then that judge will not see the Judging page once your event goes live and they will not be able to evaluate any presentations. Similarly, if no judge is assigned to a presentation, then that presentation will not be evaluated.

There is no limit to how many presentations can be assigned to a judge or how many judges can be assigned to one presentation.

The next step in your Judging Set Up Process is Setting Up Evaluation Forms!