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This article is for event organizers. If you are a judge, please see our Resources for Participants section.

After recruiting judgesassigning them presentationssetting up evaluation forms and monitoring evaluation responses, the next and final step in the judging set up process is to share feedback. 

Once you’ve received all your evaluation responses and modified any responses as needed, you may, if you would like to, share feedback with presenters from the Judging > Share Feedback page. Our Share Feedback feature automatically sends presenters a notification email with the feedback on their presentation from judges. Specifically, the shared feedback will be limited to the questions and responses to any fields marked as “Include judges’ responses to this field in final ‘Share Feedback’” in the evaluation form assigned to a given presentation.

The notification email will be generated and sent through Symposium from our notification email ( 

NOTE: We highly recommend you ask your institution’s IT to whitelist in order to prevent these notification emails from being marked as spam.

The notification email content can largely be customized through the interface shown below, where you can add a custom Subject line and modify the template text throughout the email. The text in grey is automatically populated by Symposium with the Presenter name (in the salutation) and the feedback from judges (in the middle). 

We enable you to control two additional aspects of the notification email under the Email Settings (shown below):

  • Share With – you may choose to either send the email notification to only the Main Presenter, who is the first presenter listed under the presentation submission, or to All Presenters listed on the presentation. If you share with All Presenters, each Presenter listed on the presentation will receive a separate notification email with the same content. 

  • Display Judges’ Names – you may either choose to display judges’ names in the notification email next to their points of feedback, or you can choose to not display the names and make judges anonymous. Examples of both cases are shown below:


Congratulations! You've completed the Judging Set Up Process for your event on Symposium. Please see How Judges Judge to take a look at what a judge’s interface looks like once your event has been launched.