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This article is for event organizers. If you are an event participant, please see our Resources for Participants section.

As an organizer, you can download an automatically generated abstract booklet based on the presentations submitted to your event. 

To create and export an abstract booklet, go to your event management page and then navigate to Presentations > Abstract Booklet.  

Under this page, you can create a template for entries, which Symposium will use to populate information from each presentation into and export for you, generating an abstract booklet. 

The template allows you to incorporate default and any custom fields you may have created into a template by entering in "Smart Fields" into the template editor. An index of Smart Fields is provided on your page, which corresponds to fields in your presentation submission form. 

If you would like to export your Abstract Booklet with custom fields from your Presentation Submission Form, please create your fields in the Presentation Form Section rather than the Presenter Form Section

You can add Smart Fields and any other text you'd like included per entry to the template. An example will be shown to the right using sample data (unrelated to your event), as shown below:

Smart Fields that are added will serve as placeholders that are replaced with the actual responses from each presentation when you export the abstract booklet. Any other text you add, such as "This project was proudly supported by the Office of Research," the last line in the example shown in the image above, will show up under each presentation entry in your abstract booklet. Furthermore, any formatting applied to the Smart Fields or any other content added will be used in all the presentation entries. 

You can save your template at any time once you've finished making changes. When you're ready to download the booklet, click the "Export Booklet" button, which will automatically save your template and export a Microsoft Word document (.docx file) version of your abstract booklet! 

There is no limit to the number of downloads, so you may play around with the template editor and export the booklet multiple times until it is to your liking.