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This article is for event organizers. If you are an event participant, please see our Resources for Participants section.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the donations feature on Symposium, and our answers!

Q: Does Symposium automatically generate a receipt?

A: Stripe will automatically send the donor a receipt for their donation amount to the email they have provided. The email from Stripe to donors cannot be customized. Below is a sample receipt: 

Q: Can the donation form be modified to collect more information or change wording?

A: The form fields, beyond those covered in the document above, cannot be modified. The donation form collects the following information (which will also be included in the exportable data):

  • What fund the donation is designated to
  • The donation amount
  • Whether the donor would like the gift anonymized or not
  • Personal information on the donor—specifically their name, email, and physical address

Q: What payment form is accepted?

A: Credit, debit, and prepaid cards are acceptable forms of payment for donors. 

Q: Can donations be made by any viewers or registered participants only?

A: Donations can be made by anyone with access to your event (including public viewers who may not be registered for your event). 

Q: Will payouts from Stripe happen automatically?

A: Funds that accumulate in your connected Stripe account are paid out automatically on a daily basis, by default. You can change the payout schedule as needed through Stripe to make it weekly, monthly, or only when manually initiated. Note: The first payout for every new Stripe account is typically paid out 7 days after the first successful donation is received. This delay allows Stripe to mitigate some of the risks inherent in providing payment services.

Q: Are there any limitations on the donation amount?

A: There is a minimum of $1 and maximum of $999,999. If a custom donation amount is provided by the donor, the amount must be a whole number (i.e. cents cannot be donated).

Q: Can the color of the donation widget be changed to match our institution’s colors?

A: The color is standard at this time and cannot be modified.