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This article is for event organizers. If you are an event participant, please see our Resources for Participants section.

We've assembled some frequently asked questions about the Judging workflow on Symposium events. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at or via the chat feature on our website if you have any further questions.

Q: Can a judge see which questions I have indicated to include on the Share Feedback form?

A: No, there is no way for a judge to see which questions on the evaluation form will be shared with presenters. 

Q: Can a judge still register to judge after an event is launched?

AAs long as your judge recruitment form isn't closed (you can set the close date/time under Judging > Judges on your event management page), judges can continue to register after the event has been launched and you can subsequently make presentation evaluation assignments.

Q: Can I preview what judges see?

A: There unfortunately is not a way to demo what judges see. As an organizer, you can recruit yourself as a judge, assign presentations to yourself, assign evaluation forms to those specific presentations, and then launch the event to see the Judging page on the event. However, please note that launching is a one-time action and is irreversible. 

The Judging interface as well as some judging guidelines can be viewed through "How Judges Judge." 

Q: How do judges register for my event?

A: Once you share the Judge Recruitment form link with judges, they will be able to access it, sign up for a Symposium account, and complete the form. Judges do not need to be pre-authorized in the Access Settings in order to access the form. Once they have completed the form, they will automatically be authorized and registered to access the event after it has launched. Unlike participants and attendees, judges do not need to register for the event as the Judge Recruitment form allows them to bypass that step. 

Q: Can judging occur from two or more separate rubrics?

A: Yes, as an organizer, you can create multiple evaluation forms that can reflect the multiple grading or judging rubrics. Only one evaluation form can be assigned to a presentation, which prevents multiple rubrics from being associated with the same presentation. You can have a judge who has multiple presentations assigned to them, and the presentations may all have different evaluation forms attached to them. In this way, one judge can access a different evaluation form for each presentation.

Q: Do judges have to fill out the Judge Recruitment Form, or can they be entered into the event manually on their behalf?

A: Judges have to fill out the Judge Recruitment Form as users need to sign up in order to access and complete the form. We need users to create an account as that is how we designate certain accounts as 'judges' for a given event. Since accounts do need to be verified through sign up, you will not be able to set up accounts on their behalf as you would also need access to each of their emails.