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This article is for event organizers. If you are a reviewer, please see our Resources for Participants section.

Once you've completed the abstract management set up process, how will the reviewers that you've recruited access and evaluate their assigned presentations?

Once reviewers and evaluation forms have been assigned to presentations, reviewers with presentations assigned for evaluation will see a new Reviews tab in the header of the event page. 

When reviewers go to this tab, they will see a table with five columns:

  1. The title of every presentation they’ve been assigned
  2. Links to go to the presentations directly
  3. Links to the evaluation form for each presentation
  4. The status of each evaluation
  5. A time stamp for completed evaluation submissions



When they click the Evaluate button, they’ll see the evaluation form assigned to that presentation:



Once the form has been submitted, they will see a confirmation screen and will be redirected back to the Reviews page.


They will also see the Final Notes Survey at the bottom of the page, if that has been included as part of the event, though the link to the Survey will remain inactive and unavailable until all the presentation evaluations have been completed. Once those are out of the way, the Final Notes Survey will become available as shown in the following image:


The final notes survey will work in the exact same way as the evaluation forms, where the reviewer will be able to pull it up, fill it out, and then return back to the Reviews page. 

Once a reviewer has completed the assigned evaluation forms and the final notes survey, they are all done for that stage! 

Every time you activate the next stage, the Reviews page will be refreshed and empty for the reviewers until you assign presentations for them to evaluate. Thus, reviewers will not be able to see their evaluations for presentations from previous stages, but as an event organizer, you will be able to download their responses to the evaluation forms from any stage, inactive or active.

NOTE: If you have set up multiple stages where your event's Presentation Submission Form opens up new questions after activating a new stage, the presentations will be marked as incomplete from the event administrator side. Only when the presenters submit the questions necessary to complete that stage will the reviewers see the presentations on their respective Reviews page.