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This article is for event organizers. If you are an event participant, please see our Resources for Participants section.

Congratulations! You're ready to start organizing your virtual or hybrid event on Symposium. Creating your new event requires the completion of a simple form to get your event hosting experience kicked off.

When you first purchase a package with Symposium, the email listed on the subscription purchase will be authorized as an administrative account on Symposium. 

NOTE: If your organization has an Enterprise Subscription which you're hosting an event under, please reach out to our team at so we can grant your account administrative access to create and set up events (along with up to two other co-organizers per event). 

To create an event, log in to your Symposium account using the authorized email, and click on My Events > Events I’ve Organized.

 To create a new event, select "Events I've organized" under the My Events tab, once your signed in to your Symposium administrative account.

You can then select “Create new event”: 

Click "Create new event" in the box to the left of your "Events I've Organized" page.

The next page you will see will ask you to fill out a number of fields in order to create your event:

To create your new event, you will be asked to fill out a form of preliminary information about your event.

NOTE: All of these fields, except the Launch date, are final and unalterable once the event has been created. If you make a mistake or need a change, please submit a request to

  • Event name: Once the event is created, the event name cannot be modified. We recommend you make it specific and easily identifiable for viewers/participants.
  • Organization: Choose the organization under which you'd like to create your new event from the drop down menu. 
  • Event package: Choose the package under which you would like your new event to be organized. Please see your package details for more information on how many events you have left. If you have renewed your subscription, be sure to select the most recent annual package. 
  • Event organized by: Once the event is created, who the event is organized by cannot be modified. We recommend you make it specific and clear to viewers/participants who is organizing the event. Typically this is the name of a program, office, or department within your organization.
  • Event link: You can customize the link for your event. This link cannot be modified later.
  • Event launch date: Here, you should enter the date that you want your event to go live to participants and viewers (this date may be tentative). Please note that whether your event is launched or not does not affect your ability to set up the event, accept presentation submissions, or recruit judges. There is no time restriction on the set up period. However, once an event has been launched it cannot be un-launched. Launching your event opens it up to attendees and starts the clock for the event uptime associated with your purchased package, so we recommend that organizers finish setting up the event and accepting presentations before they launch. You can modify this date later in the setup process, as long as the set launch date has not already passed.
  • External paid registration: If you are charging a registration fee to participants for your event, please activate this toggle. For paid events, Symposium charges an additional fee of $3.99/registrant, billed to you after the event. We reserve the right to audit your event and violations may result in penalties as per our Terms of Service. There is no inbuilt paid ticketing/registration process on Symposium yet, so you may collect your registration fees from your event participants by whatever means you best see fit. You will be billed for registration fees following your event launch.

As you fill each field on the event creation page, the event thumbnail to the right will populate with your responses, showing how your event will appear on the Symposium Discover Events page, where viewers on Symposium can browse through all of the events that are being hosted and that are available on the platform. After all fields have been completed and the event has been created, you will be able to set the event cover photo, logo, and privacy settings through your event management dashboard.

The next step in setting up your event is customizing your event information.