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This article is for event organizers. If you are a reviewer, please see our Resources for Participants section.

The first step to setting up Abstract Management in your event is recruiting reviewers. 

Similarly to how there is the Presentation Submission Form and Judge Recruitment Form which you can customize and share with submitters for them to upload their submissions, the Reviewer Recruitment Form may be found under Presentations > Abstract Management, shown below: 

This is the form that you will need to share with prospective reviewers so that they may register themselves as reviewers for the event. The form can be accessed by anyone, regardless of whether they have been pre-authorized via your Access Settings, and whether your event has been launched or not. However, to fill out the form, the prospective reviewer will first need to sign up for an account on Symposium, as their account will then be designated as a reviewer for your event; they will be prompted to sign up when they go to the Reviewer Recruitment Form link. 


The Reviewer Recruitment Form asks prospective reviewers to provide their areas of expertise, as shown below: 

These areas of expertise are important because they populate under the Expertise Areas column under Presentations > Abstract Managements > Reviewer Assignments, allowing you to more easily determine which reviewers may be best suited to evaluate particular presentations as you make assignments.  However, as you customize your Reviewer Recruitment Form, you can choose to include additional questions as well as remove or edit the Expertise Areas to better suit your event. If you choose to remove the automated Expertise Areas field, the column in the table seen below will not populate with any responses. 


As prospective reviewers complete the Reviewer Recruitment Form, they’ll be registered as reviewers for your event and their information will show up in the reviewer's table at the bottom of the page of Reviewer Assignments 

On the other end, as submitters submit their submission materials through the Presentation Submission Form, submissions will appear in the Presentations table, as shown above. 

NOTE: The column Required fields for current stage completed? within the Presentations table refers to whether or not the presenter has completed and submitted all necessary material wihtin the Presentation Submission Form. The row will be marked as "Incomplete" if you have customized your Presentation Submission Form to open new questions with each new stage, and the presenter has not yet submitted their form with the required fields filled out. 

You may customize the Reviewer Recruitment Form if there’s additional information that you’d like to collect for your records about reviewers the same way you can customize the Presentation Submission Form, with short answer fields, multi-select fields, date fields, and Likert scales. 

If you would like to set a deadline for when prospective reviewers can register by, you can do so by setting a date and time to close the Reviewer Recruitment Form. This date and time can be modified at any time, even if the deadline has passed.  

NOTE: The Reviewer Recruitment Form cannot be edited once responses come in (as with the Presentation Submission Form and Judge Recruitment Form). 

After completing the Reviewer Recruitment Form, the reviewer will be registered automatically for the event and will be able to access it once the event has been launched. They will see the following confirmation page: 

Once your reviewers have completed the Reviewer Recruitment Form that you've distributed, you will be able to Assign Presentations to Reviewers, the next step in your Abstract Management Set up Process.