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This article is for event organizers. If you are a reviewer, please see our Resources for Participants section.

Once presentations have been submitted to your event and you have recruited reviewers using your customized Reviewer Recruitment Form, it is time to assign presentations to reviewers. 


You can assign presentations to reviewers or vice versa by easily selecting the presentation and then the reviewer or vice versa, and then selecting "Assign". Once assignments have been made, the downwards facing arrow can be selected to expand the row and see all the assignments that have been made, as shown:


We have various options for you to organize presentations and reviewers to more effectively make matches:


  • Search for Presentation Title or Reviewer's Name:

  • Organize by various parameters using the columns in the presentations and reviewers tables (If you select any of the columns, you will be able to arrange the data in ascending or descending alphabetical/chronological order):

If you accidentally made the wrong assignment or need to do some reassigning, you can select the downwards facing arrow to expand the presentation or reviewer, and then select "Unassign". Removing the assignment on the presentation will automatically remove it from the reviewer, or vice versa (i.e. you do not need to remove the assignment on both the presentation and reviewer – just one is enough).

If no presentations are assigned to a particular reviewer, then that reviewer will see the Reviews page, but they will not be able to see any presentations to evaluate. Similarly, if no reviewer is assigned to a presentation, then that presentation will not be evaluated. There is no limit to how many presentations can be assigned to a reviewer or how many reviewers can be assigned to one presentation.

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