This article is for administrators. If you are a faculty member or student, please see our Resources for Faculty and Staff or Resources for Students section.

As an administrator, you can use the homepage and announcements feature to share information and resources across your university. 


Updating your homepage

Once a user has successfully created and customized their account, they will be brought to the homepage after logging in rather than the searchable database. The Homepage hosts any announcements you would like to share with your university and is a great place to link resources such as our Knowledge Base articles for students and faculty and staff members

To add information or resources to your homepage, go to Home in your website header and select "Edit" as highlighted below. 

Once you have selected "Edit", use the text box to organize and upload post information to your university. 

Customize your homepage by selecting "Change Image" to upload a cover photo that relates to your university or research office. You can also regularly change the cover photo to relate to any specific announcements you would like to highlight to your educational institution. 

If you choose to not upload any general information to the homepage, customize the cover photo, or post any announcements, the homepage will look like the following image to your university. 

Posting Announcements

To share messages with your educational institution on your platform's homepage, use Announcements in the website header to post text with links and attachments.

Select “Post a New Announcement” in the top right corner to share a new message. Once you have selected the option, you can input the announcement’s Title and Description, as well as select who the message can be seen by (Recipients) and whether you would like to send a corresponding email.

If you would like to attach a file with your announcement, select the button “Upload Attachments” at the bottom left corner, or as seen in the attached image. Please note that your file will need to be a PDF to successfully upload. Your users will be able to see the attachment as well as the name of the attachment, so please name your attachments with that in mind.

Once you have finished your announcement, you can post it by selecting “Preview & Publish” or “Publish”. If you choose to not send an email with your announcement, you can publish your announcement without previewing it.

After an announcement has been published, you can edit or delete the announcement by selecting the pencil icon in the top right corner of each individual announcement. You will then be able to edit the Title, Recipients, Description, and attachments. If you have accidentally selected to edit the announcement or made unnecessary edits, you have the option to cancel your edits by selecting “Cancel Edits”. To delete an announcement, select “Delete Announcement”.

Please note that if you sent an email with your announcement, though you can delete the announcement from your ForagerOne page, you will not be able to reverse the email action.