This article is for administrators. If you are a faculty member or student, please see our Resources for Faculty and Staff or Resources for Students section.

As an administrator, you can access any user’s account and make administrative changes through proxy access. This feature allows you to help correct any issues your users report, upload documents on someone’s behalf, correct someone’s email address, observe your announcements as a user, or add badges to user profiles. 


Accessing and Managing Accounts

To find the user account that you would like to access, you can search for them with their name, email, or institution ID in the search box. Once you have located the user account, you have the option to deactivate or access their account as seen in the attached image: 

Using any of the different filters available, you can also choose to look at active or deactivated accounts, as well as use the filters located on the right side of the page to look at claimed, unclaimed, or all accounts. If you seem to be having trouble locating a specific user, please make sure you are using the "All" filter to ensure that you are searching through the entire database rather than just the claimed accounts. 

NOTE: If your educational institution is under the ForagerOne Lite package, you can track the number of active users via the count that appears under “Active Accounts”. You will also receive automated emails from ForagerOne notifying you when you reach a certain threshold of active users. We ask that you please keep track of the active accounts.

Once you have accessed the user account, your dashboard will change accordingly, and you will be automatically brought to the user’s profile.

From here, you can edit the user’s profile information, change their settings, manage their accounts, and add supplemental files on their behalf. For example, if a user reaches out stating that their email address was inputted incorrectly, you can change their email address using Proxy Access by selecting “Account Settings” under Manage Account.

To exit Proxy Access, select “User’s Name’s Profile” in the top right corner, and then select “My Account” under “Recently Accessed”. Exiting Proxy Access will automatically bring you back to your administrator account settings.

Adding Badges

You can also add badges to student and faculty profiles to acknowledge or highlight certain people through User Management. To customize the badges available on the platform, please email with the badge name(s) and the badge file(s). The file can be in any of the following formats: JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Once we confirm that the badges have been successfully added to your platform, you will be able to give badges to specific users. After accessing the specific user’s account, select “Edit Section” by their name and general profile information, and add the desired badge(s) under “Badges”.