This article is for students. If you are an administrator or faculty member, please see our Resources for Administrators or Resources for Faculty and Staff section.

One way to start connecting with others is to first find a faculty member who is an expert in the field you would like to research. To find faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, research staff, or administrative staff to work with, use your institution's searchable database by going to Search > Faculty in the dashboard. Similarly, if you would like to find students to collaborate or work with, go to Search > Students. To learn more about the user, select their name from the searchable database to open their profile and read more about them. If you are interested in looking for funding or external opportunities, go to Search > Opportunities

NOTE: Some educational institutions may have additional or different sections than the sections listed above. 

To specify your search, you can either enter keywords into the search bar or use any of the filters on the left side of the page. Faculty and staff members that are actively recruiting students to work with will have a marker “Accepting Students” in their profile, while students that are looking for collaborators will have a marker “Seeking Collaborators” in their profile.

To look for faculty members or students with posted projects, use the filter “Users with posted projects” and/or “Users with posted remote research projects” under “Recruiting Status”, where you will then be able to see all open projects. As you look at the list of faculty or students with active projects, please keep in mind to look at the opportunity type, time commitment, application deadline, and project description to make sure the project fits what you are looking for.

If you are at the beginning of your project search or unsure of who you would like to apply to, you can bookmark the faculty member by selecting “Bookmark Faculty” in the top right corner of their profile. All bookmarked faculty members will appear in Bookmarks in your dashboard, where you can then narrow down your application process. To see what the faculty or staff member specializes in from Bookmarks, select the arrow next to the member’s name to expand their profile. If you find that you are no longer interested in working with any faculty member, you can remove the bookmark by selecting the “X” next to their name.

You can also indicate on your profile that you would like to receive requests to work with by going to My Profile and then selecting the toggle “Actively Seeking Opportunities”. Selecting this toggle lets faculty and other users know that you are looking for opportunities and may encourage them to reach out to you.