This article is for students. If you are an administrator or faculty member, please see our Resources for Administrators or Resources for Faculty and Staff section.

When you are ready to connect with different faculty members and have added information to your profile, you can begin your application process in two different ways. You have the option to either select “Apply Now” from the Search > Faculty page or Search Faculty page or select “Compose Application” from Bookmarks. If you have accidentally selected to apply to a faculty member, you can cancel your application at the bottom of the page by selecting “Cancel”. If the faculty member has multiple active projects, select the project(s) that you would like to apply to under the section Projects after selecting “Apply Now” or "Compose Application". 

After selecting “Apply Now” or “Compose Application”, you will then be instructed to write your interest statement. We provide an example interest statement, as seen below, but you are encouraged to write what best describes you!

Your interest statement will then be combined with your profile when you submit your application so remember to be specific about why you would like to do research with this faculty member. When you have completed your interest statement, you can attach supplemental files such as your resume, transcript, or any recommendation letters.

If you do not see the supplemental file you would like to attach to your interest statement, please check your profile to ensure that you have uploaded a PDF copy of it. To upload a file, please visit your profile in the top right corner, locate the section “Supplemental Files”, and select “Add File” in the bottom right corner of the section. Please keep in mind that faculty members will see the name of the file so please name it clearly and appropriately. Once you have selected a PDF file and uploaded it, you can preview the file by selecting the file name. If you have uploaded the wrong file or would like to change the file name, please remove the file by selecting “Remove File”.

At any point in your application, you can save your progress and leave the platform. Your incomplete application can be resumed under Applications > In Progress in your dashboard where you will be able to complete it later on. If the project has an application deadline, make sure that you submit your application beforehand.

Once you have finished your application, you can preview it and then submit it. Congratulations on your completed application!

To see your submitted applications, you can find them under Applications > Submitted. If a faculty member has made a decision, you will see a yellow notification indicator next to Applications, as well as next to Submitted. You can view the decision by selecting “View Decision” under the respective faculty member, as well as message them at any point.  

If you have been accepted to a project, it is important to confirm your decision by selecting "Accept" or "Decline" as this action notifies the faculty member of your decision.