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This article is for event organizers. If you are a event participant, please see our Resources for Participants section.

Abstract Management is a new workflow that allows you to curate presentations through further managing the process of submitting, reviewing, and finalizing presentations that you choose to be made available for viewing by your event participants. Through Symposium, your event’s abstract review process can span multiple stages of review, where each stage can involve reviewers providing feedback to presenters and determining who will proceed to the next stage as well as presenters modifying their presentation submission to edit or include additional information.

Stages allow event organizers and reviewers to view a portion of the presentation information at a time while evaluating presentation eligibility. By requiring presenters to submit their presentation in parts (ex. Stage 1 requires general presentation information and abstract, Stage 2 requires full presentation content), you can choose what reviewers see during each stage as well as how much information presenters can submit. More information on customizing your Presentation Submission Form to open questions during different stages can be found here. Stages also allow reviewers and event organizers to provide crucial feedback to presenters, informing them on how to improve their presentation, title, abstract, and/or other related data before the event launches. 

To begin setting up the Abstract Management workflow, go to your event management page and then navigate to Presentations > Abstract Management. Once there, you can enable Abstract Management by selecting the toggle next to "Turn on Abstract Management".

NOTE: If your event has received presentation submissions and you have enabled Abstract Management, you will not be able to turn the workflow off unless you first delete the submitted presentations. However, if you accidentally enable to workflow without any submitted presentations, you may revert your action and simply toggle off the abstract management workflow.

We've created a comprehensive Abstract Management guide, broken up into 7 different articles, that details the Abstract Management setup process step by step so that you have a clear picture of how to incorporate abstract reviewing into your Symposium event. 


Please note that if you intend on making a multi-stage Presentation Submission Form, you will need to first make all of your stages within the Abstract Management Workflow and then customize your Presentation Submission Form. If you edit your Presentation Submission Form prior to turning on Abstract Management or creating any additional stages, you will not be able to properly set up what stage each question will appear in. You do not have to set up all of the steps of each stage prior to customizing your Presentation Submission Form, but both workflows are interconnected in that you must create multiple stages first before editing your form to open different questions during different stages. 

Please follow these steps in order as you incorporate abstract reviewing into your event on Symposium, and as always, never hesitate to contact our support team via the chatbox on our website or with any questions.